Busy Life and Days

It’s been such a busy few days/weeks. My parents are leaving next week to go to India for a few months, Ni’s first birthdays is coming up, D, me and Ni are going on a small vacation at the beginning of the month and I’m going back to work next month. So, I’ve been quite busy with getting everything done and ready. My mom has kept me quite busy with errands, everyday is a new task I must complete for her.

D and I still haven’t finished preparation for Ni’s birthday yet. We still have to order the catering and find a decently priced baker to make her cake. It seems that either all the bakers are pre-booked or overly expensive. I mean, seriously? $150 for a birthday cake for an infant? Come on! That’s ridiculous. So, my search continues. Oh, did I mention, we’re doing a peacock theme? OMG! We got her the cutest little outfit. I’ll post pictures of her in it as soon as I pick it up from the post office.

Besides that, D and I have decided to take a mini vacation to Quebec City before I go back to work. So, we’re heading there on the 1st of November and will probably return on the 3rd or 4th. He’s never been there and so he’s super excited to go. Plus, I’d love to get away for a few days before heading back to work. God only knows when I’ll be able to take a vacation anytime soon once back there.

Oh, I’ve also arranged Ni’s daycare and had our subsidy interview last week. Hopefully, Ni will start on October 28th. It’s so nerve wrenching thinking about her being in the care of complete strangers all day long. Unfortunately, though I just cannot stay at home with her because our financial situation just wouldn’t allow it.

Anyway, if all of that wasn’t enough to keep be on my toes, then I still need to purchase some new clothes to wear at work. I’ve gained weight after my pregnancy and with the whole Mirena thing. So, I’ve barely got anything that fits and is suitable to wear at work. I’m really hoping to purchase a few key items now and then slowly build my wardrobe over the next couple of months. But plus size clothing is sooooooo expensive . 😦 I’m really hoping I can find some deals and sales.

Anyway, loves, I’m off for now. I promise to try and post again soon. I’ll also put up lots of photos of Ni’s party and outfit once we have it. Xoxo lots of love and blessings.


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