Update: Ni’s First Days of Daycare

Early Monday morning, showered, dressed and fed, my little Ni was ready for her first day of daycare. We arrived just after 9am and got her settled in. She was scared; there were so many new people and children there. She clung to D and I for as long as she could. We had her sit with the other children in a circle beside one of the staff members. They sang songs and softly pounded on a toy drum. And then the tears started. It was too noisy for her. There were too many unfamiliar faces. And once again she crawled eagerly towards D and I. Then a chain reaction happened to crying, one child, two children, three and then the forth. They were all crying. But the staff reassured D and I that she would be fine and we should kiss her goodbye after she settled down and leave for a couple of hours.

2 hours in and I couldn’t stop my tears. I called the Center twice to check up on her and make sure she was ok. She rejected her snack and only had two bites of lunch. But as long as a staff member sat with her she was ok. It was a short day for her being her first. So D and I picked her up and as we arrived, she greeted us with the biggest smile and sense of relief. I cried a little more. It was heart wrenching.

Day two, I was on my own with her. D had to go to work. I got her ready and dropped her off. The staff told me to check back within a few hours to see how she was doing. I called and she was fine. Had her diaper changed, ate all of her snack (Her favourite: apple sauce) and even finished half her lunch. It was nap time and the staff told me to call back after 2pm. Anxious and heartbroken, I focused my energies on household chores. I decided after my chores were done to pick her up. She had slept for 45mins and was sitting at a table when I arrived. Then she gave me the same wide smile and open arm welcome. I cried again seeing the relief on her face and happiness to see me.

Day three and my little pumpkin has a fever! D and I have been up with her for most of the night, taking turns holding and rocking her to sleep. Just when we think she’s settled, she woke up crying again. D finally got her to fall into a deep sleep 20 mins ago. If the fevers not gone by the time she wakes up, we’re taking her to the hospital. Sigh! My little angel is sick and she’s only been to daycare two days. I’m so heartbroken and don’t want to send her back there again. But I know I really don’t have a choice.

I’ll keep you all posted on how she’s doing. For now, D and I are taking a nap too, since we’ve only slept about an hour or so each all night. Pray for my angel that she recovers soon. Xoxo



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