Quick Update: Week 2 Of Work Begins

I had a beautiful birthday. My darling husband surprised me with a midnight cake and then I got roses when he got home the next day. My boss took me out for lunch and surprised me with a card, birthday hat and gift card. Then, D and I went out for dinner with a friend, who surprised me with a cake at the restaurant. My aunt came by and spent the weekend with me. We shopped, talked and had lots of fun. It was quite an enjoyable weekend and way to end my first week being back to work.

I’m looking forward to week two of work and really getting back into the grind. Although having a year off was great, it’s also great to have more adult interaction and do something other than housework and baby work. I know I’m still adjusting to the timings and lack of sleep in the afternoon. But nonetheless, it’s actually quite good to be back to work with all my friends/colleagues and a normal pay check. Boy, was being on employment insurance brutally difficult for my wallet.

Ni’s suffering a horrible diaper rash and diarrhea and so I’ve got to go put her to bed now that she’s bathed and eaten. So, I’ll try to write again soon. I’m quite exhausted in the evenings after picking her up from daycare, so you’ll all just have to be a bit patient if I don’t write soon enough.

Anyway, I’m off now. Have a good week ahead. Xoxo



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