It’s Been A Dreadful Week

Ni’s come down with a stomach virus and has had horrible diarrhea for the past few days and a diaper rash that is severely red and painful. We’ve been in the ER, in the pediatric clinic and nothing was helping.

Before her 1 year birthday, we visited her physician for her yearly checkup. She got immunized, weighed and all that good-stuff. The doc suggested I move her over to homo (3%) milk now that she’s a year old. So, I did just that. A few days later she started daycare. 2 days into daycare she caught an ear infection and had to take amoxocillan. This seemed to cause her slight diarrhea/loose-stools, 2-3 times a day. But nothing overly scary. I talked to the pharmacist at my local Shopper’s Drug Mart, who mentioned that some children have trouble digesting 3% milk and I could probably try her on 2% because it was less fattening. After consulting with another parent, I decided we’d give 2% a try. Boy was that a wrong decision. Those 2-3 loose stools turned into 8-10 full-blown diarrhea. Then she developed a horrid diaper rash. Every time I used a baby wipe the diaper rash got worst. Eventually, getting to the point where she was crying so much that I’d start crying too.

Anyway, if being called from the daycare on Monday morning to pick up my child wasn’t bad enough, I sat in the emergency room with her for 5 hours just to be told I should go to the pediatric clinic the next day. On my way home early from work on Tuesday, I got a flat tire. Ended up taking a cab to and from the pediatric clinic. Spend Wednesday, Thursday and Friday changing so many diapers that over actually lost count.

Turns out she caught a stomach bug at daycare and then developed a sensitivity to milk. So, we’ve taken her off dairy and formula. I’ve just started her on a soy based formula and that seems to be working somewhat fine for now. I’m still monitoring the diarrhea and rash. But she’s doing better then she was at the beginning of the week. Thank goodness it wasn’t something more serious. But it all did give me a terrible scare.

So, that was my week. Horrible and a parents worst nightmare; seeing their infant sick. But like I said she’s getting better and on Friday I got a call from work saying I’d won the daily draw for our holiday United Way campaign. $100 Roots gift card. I guess, after the storm there’s always some sort of sunshine.

Feeling a bit relieved and less exhausted now that the weekend is here and even started getting the house ready for Christmas decorations. Hopefully, I’ll be able to put them up later today, when Ni’s down for her nap.

Staying hopeful,



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