It’s My Favorite Time Of Year


The Holidays are so magical. Everyone gets together. There’s lots of laughs. Funny family/friend moments. Gifts, decorating, drinking and partying. And of course, lots and lots of food. Which makes this my most favorite time of the year. Regardless of all the hell I’m going through. Regardless of all the horrible thoughts I have. Regardless of all the battles I’m fighting. Regardless of whatever “LIFE” has decided to hand me up until now. This time of year always lightens my heart and makes me want to jump with excitement and fall in love with my family and friends all over again. The holidays give me hope for a better future and courage to get-over whatever I’m going through or is happening in my life.

This year, I want to share my joys and excitement with all of you. I’m setting up a new page that will contribute to all my holiday experiences and magic. Over the next several weeks I’m going to share recipes, do’s and don’ts, decorating tips, and lots of frugal ideas with all of you. I’m really hoping that you’ll too share your holiday moments and secrets with me through these posts.

So, stay tuned and be ready for lots of holiday goodies! Xoxo



4 thoughts on “It’s My Favorite Time Of Year”

  1. It is so good to hear that things are looking up for you….Embrace the season and enjoy….It will be extra special as Ni will be more aware of all the excitement that surrounds her!


    1. Thanks Janine! Life has it’s roller coasters, I was have just been on it for a long while. Hopefully, though, with the holiday season upon us, I’ll be able to focus on the good life has brought me and get over the bad.

      Thanks for your thoughts! I’m so looking forward to doing fun stuff with Ni! Xoxo


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