The Perfect Gifting App: Giftagram

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How many times have you wanted to send someone a gift by post or delivery but didn’t have a mailing address, so you didn’t send anything at all? How many times have you wanted to surprise someone but couldn’t because most courier services or floral shops are ridiculously over-priced?

Well, there’s a solution for that! It’s called Giftagram!

It’s a new app that was released for iPhone users in Toronto (for now at least – their expanding across North America in 2014). You download the app from iTunes and sign up. There’s an awesome selection of gifts you can send people, even if you don’t have their mailing address. So you select your gift and enter the persons phone number or email address to either send a text or email notifying them that they’ve received a “Giftagram”. They enter their mailing address and 2-3 days later their gift is delivered. The gift comes in a stylish black box with a message from the sender.

I recently received a gift from one of the PR firms I work with so that I could experience Giftagram and see how it works and I have to say, I’m quite impressed. It was so easy to receive my gift and I was so impressed that I even sent something special to my hubby via Giftagram. He’ll be getting his gift in a couple of days too and I’m sure he’ll be like, “what the heck is this” and then absolutely love the experience as I did.

Although, Giftagram hasn’t been made national or isn’t available yet in all of North America, I really suggest you check it out because once it is available everywhere, it’s going to be the go-to way for sending gifts. Check them out at or follow them on Instagram.


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