A Big Milestone: Ni Can Walk

Today when we got home from picking up medicine from the drug store, I took off Ni’s boots, hats, gloves and jacket and sat her down on the ground nearby. She stood up and started walking towards me. I was in shock. What the heck just happened? How did she do that? I couldn’t believe my eyes. I sat her back down again and she did it again and then again and again and again. She can walk!!!! Of course I videotaped it. But I still can’t believe it. She walked all by herself, without holding anything and without losing her balance. And she was so happy about it. What an achievement! Sadly, D wasn’t home to see it. But I sent him the videos. I’m sure he’ll be just as shocked and ecstatic about it as I am.

Can you believe it? My little angel walked all by herself today! I’m so happy. She’s growing up so quickly and trying new things everyday. But this was just an amazing thing to see. Everyone kept telling me that she’d walk soon. It didn’t sink in until today, when she finally did it. I never believed all those moms that used to say, “when she hits those big milestones, it’ll be the most amazing thing in the world,” but I believe them, today I am overjoyed.

My pumpkin is finally walking. Next, she needs teeth. Lol. That’ll be the next big milestone. Let’s forget about that for now, though and just enjoy the fact that she can walk! She can walk. She can walk. She can walk!!!!!


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