Last Minute Holiday Decorating With Dollar Store Finds

If you’re like me, you haven’t even started decorating yet. I’ve been so busy and tired lately that I just haven’t been up to decorating. But I’ve come up with some great ideas for last-minute decorating. Plus, the holidays can be so expensive. So, decorating doesn’t have to be. The dollar store has hundreds of cheap items that would look fantastic around the house, especially for the holidays. All you really need, is a creative eye.

I’m doing a red and gold theme this year and was able to find lots of great sizes of ornaments. I purchased lots of ornaments from there and will put them around my house, since this year we’ve decided not to get a tree. Ni is very curious and active these days and we’re worried she might have knocked over the tree had we gotten it. But that doesn’t mean I’m skimping on holiday decorations. I’ll be hanging the ornaments on all entranceways and even under our dining room chandelier.

I’ve also purchased garland and some fake poinsettias strung with green leafs and those little berry looking things. I’m going to twist them into one garland and hang them on all my doorways to finish the ornament look for the perfect doorways. Normally, I would put garland on our tv stand, balcony door and even the window ledges, but again with Ni being so anxious to pull at everything in reach, I have to be careful.

Next, I’m changing my tablecloths and kitchen towels to cute red ones I picked up (again from the dollar store). I’ll also change my cushion covers to red ones and I already have red curtains that I plan to hang up. Unfortunately, you can only find shower curtains at the dollar store, so I’m changing up my bathroom too.

Next, I’ll be putting gold sparkle trees on my entrance table with a beautiful candle stand I found. I’ve decided to go simple on my dining table and just put a couple of vases with ornaments in them with some candles surrounding them. I think with the red tablecloth these gold candles and ornaments will look fantastic.

I also picked up red plastic plates, so I’ll be using my white china plate set and topping it with red plates to really add some glam to my ordinary plates. Lastly, I was able to find a big red bow for my front door. It’s sparkly and gorgeous!

Here’s a list of items you should hit up the dollar store for:

Wrapping supplies (paper, ribbon, gift tags, cards, tape, and bows)
Fake flowers (a wide variety for all seasons and holidays)
Plastic plates and cutlery (again, a wide variety if colours, shapes and sizes)
Baking supplies (trays, cookie cutters, wax/parchment paper, aluminum foil, baking sheets, etc.)
Cleaning supplies (cleaning solutions, rags, sponges, brooms and mops)
Garbage Bags, hangers, small mats and rugs, plastic shower curtains, small-medium sized wicker baskets, cutlery, pictures frames, candles, small decoration items and craft supplies.

Also, there are many things you shouldn’t buy at the dollar store for the sake of saving money. Here’s a list of a few items I find a complete waste of money there:

Skip electronics. Their cheap and most of the time don’t work or burn out too easily. Instead, pick up some cute accessories for stocking stuffers. *ie: cellphone cases, iPad and laptop sleeves.*

There are lots and lots of toys at the dollar store but many are cheap remakes of the originals. I’d stay away from most of these, especially the infant toys because they could have a high quantity of lead in them. Instead, get name brand toys, *ie: Crayola colouring sets, Disney dolls and figurines, even the Play-Doh sets were cute stocking stuffer ideas.*

Stay away from clothing as well. I bought a pair of gloves for Ni to match her hat and only 2 days after wearing them, they were falling apart. Instead, pick up those cute fluffy slippers. Those seemed to feel quite cosy and stayed in one piece for quite a while.




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