Ni’s 14 Month Birthday Letter

Ni's Weekly & Monthly Birthday Letters
Ni’s Weekly & Monthly Birthday Letters

I missed out on writing you 13 month birthday letter, due to horrible circumstances with you being sick, me going back to work, etc. But I didn’t want to miss out on writing today’s birthday letter.

I want to recap your 13th month really quickly. You had a horrible stomach bug; which ended you up in the hospital several times. If that wasn’t bad enough, you also ended up with a terrible nasal infection. So, it was quick a busy month for us. Plus, mommy started work, so it was extremely busy for us. But after all of this, you are feeling much better and are no longer sick. Yay!

Now talking about this month, my little pumpkin, you are so big and so mischievous. You started walking this past month. You walk and get so excited because you’ve achieved such a big task. It’s wonderful seeing you walk and when I ask you to come to me, you walk over and laugh and are all giggles. Plus, you also started drinking with a straw. You’re also talking much more and you dance as well. The staff at your daycare even says that you’re much more active and love being there now.

My little munchkin, you’re not so little anymore. Time is flying by so quickly and you’re growing so fast. 14 months, oh my! Sometimes, I look at you and remember just yesterday you were born and fit in my one arm. But today, you’re walking and talking so much and become more independent daily. It’s fantastic seeing you grow. Your daddy and I love you dearly and fall in love with you more and more every day.

Happy 14th Birthday, again my angel pie!



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