Product Review: L’Oreal Voluminous Butterfly Mascara

Everywhere you look these days, there are advertisements about L’Oreal’s new Voluminous Butterfly Mascara. Since my main beauty focus is all about my eyes and the depth I love to create, I had to pick up one of the mascaras and try it out for myself. The price is absolutely worth it ($13.99 at Shopper’s Drug Mart). So, can I just say, it’s one of the best mascaras I’ve ever tried, even better than my Maybelline Mega Plush volume express.

The wand with this mascara is brilliantly made and catches every little lash. It lengthens, adds volume and gives depth like no other. Plus, you don’t have to use very much to get a gorgeous look. This has become my go-to mascara!

“Stretch and extend your lashes like wings! Introducing Voluminous Butterfly Mascara, one of our most-exciting mascara innovations, yet. Its revolutionary Butterfly Brush™ with asymmetrical lash line shape extends and lifts outer corner lashes to give you a winged-out effect, instantly volumizing lashes at the roots and stretching lashes outward. The unique Cocoon Fibers™ instantly wrap lashes in a soft, delicate veil to create silky, spectacular lashes that flutter.”

Here’s my results:
Color: intense 5/5
Application: easy 5/5
Smell: n/a
After application results: va-va voom!
Price: $13.99 4/5
Overall rating: 5/5
Would I buy it again: Always
Would I recommend it to my friends: Absolutely

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