Product Review: David’s Tea: The Holiday Collection

Like many of you, I too received some horrible Christmas gifts. I mean really? Who the heck needs an over sized pair of gloves? Or undersized clothes that were on clearance; which of course you cannot even exchange due to them being bought during a final sale. Like come on! There are hundreds of things out there that you could buy for under $20, that would make the receiver smile and appreciate your effort. Some people, I tell ya.

Anyway, one of those $20 and below gifts was a gift I received from my darling friends at NKPR; the David’s Tea: The Holiday Collection gift set. I’m not a tea fanatic. Matter of fact, most of the time the only tea I’ll drink is Tetley with my own blend of masala in it; hence making into a masala chai.

Oh and right off the bat, let’s get one thing straight: chai tea means tea tea. Chai in Hindi and many other languages means tea. Yes, TEA! So whoever came up with the so-called blend “chai tea” is quite illiterate about teas and needs to be sent to China, Japan or India or anywhere else “chai” is made and get a better understanding of what it really means. Because seriously, when you drink coffee, do you say you’re drinking coffee cafe? Like isn’t that the same friggin thing? To prove my point further, check out the Wikipedia explanation HERE!

Sorry, I had to get that out. It drives me insane when I go into Starbucks or Timothy’s and they ask me if I’d like to try their new chai tea. I just look at them like their stupid for a second before I place my order and try to forget what they just asked me.

Ok back to my amazing holiday treat from my friends at NKPR: my David’s Tea Holiday Collection. Can I just say YUM! Three flavours: Gingerbread, Santa’s Secret and Sleigh Ride.

Gingerbread includes: Rooibus, green rooibus, honeybush, cinnamon cassia, currants, ginger (ginger, sugar), pineapple, safflower petals, natural and artificial gingerbread and molasses flavoring.

Santa’s Secret includes: Chinese black tea, peppermint leaves, candy cane sprinkles.

Sleigh Ride includes: Apple, hibiscus blossoms, pineapple, papaya, beetroot, cinnamon, raisins, coconut, roasted almonds and popped rice.

Can I just say how very delicious each of these teas were. I especially enjoyed the Santa’s Secret because of the little candy cane sprinkles and being a candy cane junkie, it was just what I needed to get me through the ice storm drama I was dealing with. I’m not sure if these special holiday blends are still available. But if they are, I’d definitely recommend picking them up. Your taste buds will thank you! Oh and NKPR also sent me David’s Tea’s Perfect Tea Cup. So easy to brew my special teas at work.

Here’s my results:
Taste: fantastic 5/5
Application: n/a
Smell: delicious 5/5
After application results: n/a
Price: $20 3/5
Overall rating: 4/5
Would I buy it again: Yes. But maybe some different flavors. I like minty teas better.
Would I recommend it to my friends: Absolutely

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