Ni’s 15 Month Birthday Letter

Ni's Weekly & Monthly Birthday Letters
Ni’s Weekly & Monthly Birthday Letters

Happy 15 Month Birthday, sweetheart!

What an amazing month it has been. Not only did you start walking this month, but you also started singing the alphabet song and counting up to 4. You really enjoy drinking from a straw, especially apple juice. It seems like you’ve grown up so much these past few weeks.

But it hasn’t been a completely fantastic month, darling. You’ve been quite sick lately. I think you may have Periodic Fever Syndrome, where every week or so you get an extremely high fever for a few days. Your fevers have been ongoing since early December. Although, the doctors and pediatrician a keep saying that it’s just a common cold or some sort of virus, I think it’s something more. It’s not common to get a fever every 7-8 days at 102 degrees and then have it go away 2 days later just to return after 7 days.

Mommy has decided that she’s going to find the answer to all your illnesses. I’m taking you in for a thorough physical on Monday and we’re going to tell the doctor to do allergy tests on you as well. Hopefully, they’ll be able to come to some conclusion why you’re always sick. I’m hopeful and won’t give up until I have all the answers and you are 100% better.

Besides that, sweetheart, your nani-Mami spent the weekend us with a couple of weeks ago. You’ve really grown comfortable with her and she too is so in love with you. It’s nice seeing the two of you together because you both have so much fun.

Lastly, I’ve opened up your email accounts for you and I hope you’ll use those and appreciate that I reserved them for you.

Happy Birthday, again sweetheart. Know that mommy and daddy love you dearly!

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