Giftagram: Valentine’s Day Special

All images & logo are the property of
All images & logo are the property of

As you all know, I wrote about this awesome new app over the holidays; Giftagram (read about it HERE). As fantastic as the app already was, they’ve set up something extraordinarily special for Valentine’s Day.

Giftagram has teamed up with Soma Chocolate to offer a limited edition Ruby Red chocolate bar. It’s a dreamy dark chocolate with wild cherries, cranberries, barberries and a dusting of Sumac powder. Soma makes every chocolate bar by hand, from scratch, using raw ingredients.

From Feb. 1st – 14th, this chocolate bar is available for only $1 on Giftagram. It’s limited one purchase per user so choose your Valentine carefully!

To send a $1 Giftagram x Soma chocolate bar, download Giftagram from the App Store and register with your email or Facebook.

All of the proceeds will be donated to The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation.

How fantastic is that? You get to help charity and treat your Valentine to something delicious!

My original plan was to send this to D, I’ve ended up planning something different for him, so I’ve decided to treat my boss. She’s my support in and out of the office and on so many levels. I wanted to send her a small gift to say thanks and since she loves good chocolate, I know she’ll really enjoy this treat.

Look at this fantastic packaging the chocolate comes in. I wish they’d let us send out more than one (I’d secretly send myself one too, lol). All images & logo are the property of

If you’re in Toronto, or know someone in Toronto, then you’ve got to try Giftagram out, especially for Valentine’s Day!

All images & logo are the property of

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