Quick Update: Ni Is Still Sick & It’s D’s B-day

Hello My Lovelies,

I’m sorry for being MIA for the past couple of days. It’s been a tough week with Ni being sick. She has pneumonia and we’ve been trying to manage her illness, work, and hospital appointments; which has become quite exhausting. Hopefully, today’s follow-up appointment will bring results of the medication helping the pneumonia disappear (fingers crossed). Emotionally, I am so drained. Every time I hold her in my arms, I just want to cry because I feel hopeless that she’s ill and keeps having to go through this stuff. Physically, the sleep deprivation is really taking its toll on my face, skin and body and as much as I try to sleep early, it just doesn’t happen. If I do manage to get to be bed by 10ish, I just end up lying there unable to turn off my brain.

Plus, it’s D’s birthday tomorrow and I’ve been busy trying to plan a small get together for him. Our financial situation is a bit tight this month (but we’re up-to-date on all of our bills…woo-hoo), so we’re not doing anything big and fancy. However, I am building him a small bar cart. Actually, I’ve repainted and re-purposed my old microwave caddy and turned it into a bar cart for him. He’s a bartender, he loves alcohol (no he’s not an alcoholic) but he does love fine liquors and fancy drinks. I couldn’t figure any better gift than this for him. Now he’ll have his own “man-space” in the house. I’m fully stocking it for him with all the tools he needs to make a great cocktail and to enjoy the finest of whiskeys and rums. I’ve even stocked up his liquor collection with spiced rum, vodka, tequila, Jack Daniel’s, breezers and cocktail mixers. Hopefully, he’ll love it. A couple of his friends are coming over for drinks and dinner and then tomorrow all of us have taken the day off, D just doesn’t know he has the day off. So, we’ll be going for lunch somewhere nice and then later to the new Ripley’s Aquarium that D’s been so excited to visit it.

I’m really hoping Ni’s medical test results come out clear of illness and infection and D enjoys his birthday surprise. I’ll update once I know the outcome of both.

Please send your blessings for my little Ni and please pray that she gets better soon.

Xoxo ~ Tamana

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