Happy Birthday, To My Love, My Husband

D’s birthday was a big success! He loved the personal bar caddie I built and stocked for him. He enjoyed his evening with his two closest friends and family and lunch today was great, too.
Here’s the before and after of his bar caddie.


A few words for my best friend on his special day:

I love you more than you will ever know. You are one of the best things that has happened to me and because of you, we have a beautiful angel in our lives. You’ve made our lives worth the struggles, worth the battles, and worth anything and everything the world throws at us. My daughter is blessed to have such a loving father in her life. As she grows, she’ll realize how lucky she is, as am I. I count my blessings every time you smile at me. I thank the world and stars for bringing you to me. You are everything a girl could ask for in a best friend, in a husband, in a father for her child and in her partner in crime. Thank you for being you. Know that Ni and I love you ever so much and we will spend our lives cherishing and loving you. Happy Birthday, darling. Ni and I love you dearly.


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