Ni’s 16 Month Birthday Letter

Happy 16 Month Birthday, pumpkin-pie!

You’ve been sick for a good portion of the month. We found out you have pneumonia and an ear infection. We’ve visited the hospital paediatric ward many times this month and will probably do so for the next month or so too. But don’t you worry honey pie, mommy and daddy are not gonna let anything bad happen to you. We’re going to be with you through it all and will never leave your side. We’ll fight every battle together and conquer all the miseries of this world. I promise. We’ll be by your side forever and ever. Then you’ll get better and everything will go back to normal and you’ll come out stronger than when this all started.

Ok forget that for now. Let’s talk about Valentine’s Day! You enjoyed your treat from mommy and daddy and got yourself extremely sticky and messy. But you really loved playing with the little stuffed puppy we got you. Plus, aunty from next door bought you a beautiful red teddy bear, you love playing with that too. You hold him in your arms and try to put him to sleep like mommy puts you to sleep. It’s absolutely adorable.

It was also daddy’s birthday a couple of days ago. Mommy threw daddy a surprise party and you had lots of fun there too. Plus, your uncle Harsh took lots of beautiful photos of you and daddy. Then you were off to bed and we spent the evening and night chatting, laughing and trying not to wake you up. It was quite the party!

Anyway love, that’s all for this month. Mommy’s praying that you get better quickly and life goes back to normal. We pray each day for you to be healthy and safe and always smiling. We love you darling. Happy 16 Month Birthday again. Xoxo


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