No Longer A Shave Slave: Final Verdict

inhibitifAs you all know, I’ve been on a trial for the past 8 weeks using Inhibitif. My trial has now ended and I am on the maintenance period. You can read about my trial HERE and HERE.

Quick re-cap of what Inhibitif is:

  • Targets hair follicles to slow down growth and density of unwanted hair
  • Minimizes the need for hair removal for weeks
  • Reduces long-term hair removal costs
  • Is great for all skin types and hair colors

My final verdict of whether it actually works or not? Yes, it does work!

Here are my results:
Application: easy 5/5
Smell: No smell at all!
After application results: Skin feels soft and looks normal
Price: $29.99 4/5 – Inexpensive when considering the costs of threading or waxing
Overall rating: 5/5
Would I buy it again: Indefinitely. Actually, I will begin using it on my legs next week.
Would I recommend it to my friends: Absolutely

Overall results: Only waxing once every 2-3 weeks before hair becomes noticeable

So, as you can see, I had great success with the face serum. Since I’ve been using Inhibitif, my face seems clearer, skin smoother and color more even. I’ve gotten compliments on how great my face looks lately. I don’t know what it is about the serum, but it’s left my face looking fantastic, plus the hair is much less visible. I can’t believe how much money I have saved over the last few weeks on waxing. You definitely have to try it!

Next, I’ll be starting the serum for my legs and arms. Can’t wait to be almost hair-free for the summer!


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