Home Sweet Home: Keeping Your Home Fresh & Clean

Spring is here or so it’s supposed to be and it’s that time of year to clean, clean and deep clean your home.

I hate spring cleaning. I hate having to do a deep cleaning once/twice a year that is going to take me 6-8 hours to complete. So, I’ve worked out a schedule for myself; daily, weekly, monthly and seasonally to make sure my house always looks fresh and clean. My schedule makes the whole “spring cleaning” seem like a breeze. Matter-of-fact, I really on change the bathroom, living room and bedroom accessories to give my home a new/fresh look and the seasonal stuff isn’t hard to do, because everything else constantly gets gone.

Here’s my schedule and what I do during each instance:


Share your tips and secrets for maintaining your home and keeping it looking amazing with me and maybe I’ll feature you in one of my posts!