Ni’s 18 Month Birthday Letter

Happy 18 Month Birthday, sweetheart!

Although this month has been quite stressful for mommy and daddy, your smiles, silly faces, babbling, singing and playing make everything go away. It’s like you know that mommy and daddy are stressed or upset at this very moment and you’ll do something absolutely adorable or hilarious, that’ll make us forget about our stresses and focus on you.

This past month you’ve grown so much as a little person and you’re learning something new every single day. You learned how to say the word Apple and Purple. You seem to really like the word Apple and constantly call everything apple. Plus, you’re enjoying mastering the skill of walking up the stairs. You seem a little nervous if mommy tries to have you walk down the stairs. So, I’ve decided to let you master walking up and then later we’ll work on walking down.

I’ve also been told my your daycare workers that you enjoy going on the slide now. This is very new for you and you’ve seemed to really love the experience. Hopefully, over the next couple of weeks the weather will get warmer, so I’m going to take you to the nearby park and go down the slide with you. The weather has just been horrible this winter and so far this spring. But as soon as it gets better, we’re going to start spending a lot of fun time outside, I promise.

And here is the big news of the month….

You finally have a tooth sprouting out! Yay!!!! It’s not fully visible yet, but the bump is there and it seems like any day now, they’ll be a big, white shiny thing in the center of your mouth. Woo hoo! I am so excited. I’ve always said that as soon as your first tooth comes in, I’m going to pop a bottle of champagne and throw a party, because you’ve been teething since you were 7 months old and still don’t have any teeth. And now that one is coming in, I think a party is in order.

See, darling, you are growing up and become so beautiful (both on the inside and out) every single day. You make us so proud to be parents and we cherish every moment we spend with you. Happy Birthday, sweetheart. We love you dearly, forever and ever!

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