What’s Your Child’s Security Blanket?

Every child has a security blanket. It’s what they keep with them almost all the time. It’s their go-to thing when they are upset, angry, sad, hurt and even happy. My Ni has a “security blanket” as well; her pacifier. I cannot leave home without it and if I ever forget to put it in her diaper bag, I have to go back and get it, otherwise all hell will break loose should she get upset. It’s one of those things that I always have a spare of in my purse, car, even my jeans pockets most days. One has even followed me to work somehow and is in my desk drawer.

I’ve tried getting her attached to a doll I bought her, but she just plays with it for a bit and tosses it away. She’s had the same blanket since she was born until recent, but she doesn’t seem to miss it now that we’ve replaced it with a “big-girl” blanket. She’s not even attached to her milk bottles and will happily drink from a sippy cup or glass if the situation calls for it.

So all she has is this pacifier. A special Fisher-Price Orthodontic type, that I’ve only ever found at Shopper’s Drug Mart. Over the past year and a half, we’ve ended up collecting about 10-15 of them, as somehow we just can never find them when we need them,  so I just pop into SDM and grab a new one. They’re quite expensive, when you add them all up. But having her paci with her keeps her calm and brings down the temper-tantrums and helps her fall asleep. So, how can I put a dollar value on that?

The other thing I’ve noticed is, she always wants me when she’s upset. Daddy can be there but she almost always diverts her eyes and body towards me. Maybe I’m her secondary security blanket. Knowing that she wants her mommy, puts a warm smile in my heart. It sucks for daddy, but after all, I am her mommy. (If you’re feeling all sad for daddy, DON’T! Because the minute daddy comes home, she sprints off my lap, to the front door and into his arms – and I secretly think, she likes him better than me anyway).

What is your child’s security blanket? How do you soothe your little babe? Should I be weaning her off of the pacifier now that she’s 18 months old? Share your baby secrets with me and I might just feature you on my next post!


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