Ni’s 19 Month Birthday Letter

Happy 19 Month Birthday, my darling angel. You’re already a toddler! How quickly you are going continues to amaze me. Time is flying by and everyday you are crossing another milestone off your list.

You’ve learnt to say, eyes, nose and mouth and can even point to them. You can unzip and take off your jacket on your own and even your shoes. You’re now walking up and down the stairs with a little support and go down the slide by yourself like a big girls.

Your vocabulary continues to grow. But sometimes mommy forgets you’re listening and will say a bad word and you’ll repeat it right away. The one bad word you constantly say is, “oh shit”. I know it’s not a good thing for you to be saying, but it’s adorable and you say it at the perfect time.

It’s been a busy and stressful month for mommy; which is why I haven’t written often on my blog. My boss is away and won’t be back for another couple of months, so there’s a lot of burden on mommy’s shoulders at work. Plus, mommy has to have surgery in July to have her gallbladder removed, so I’ve been in a lot of pain and suffering due to that.

Something else has been going on with us that I am not quite ready to talk about right now, but just so you know, it’s completely changed our lives and we are soon going to be moving to a new home because of it.

Anyway baby, this is your birthday letter and I’m supposed to tell you how much daddy and I love you and all the things we did this month. We had a great day at the zoo. You seemed to really enjoy it and even brought home a new friend you call happy and baby. He’s the adorable stuffed panda in the photo above. You really take care of him all the time and love him.

Ok love, that is all for now. Know that mommy and daddy love you dearly. God bless you for coming into our lives. Hugs and kisses! And Happy 19 Month birthday!

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