The Update I’ve Procrastinated To Give

A couple of months ago, my life changed drastically. My house, my world and family turned upside-down. This change or roller-coaster I’ve unwillingly been placed on has totally messed up everything that was going smoothly. We’ve had to change the way we live. Change the way we sleep. Change the way we act.

A couple of months ago, I discovered bed bugs in our home. These little blood-sucking termites are the termites of all termites. They just don’t go away until you throw everything you’ve ever owned out the door and start anew. The come back or hide in the sneakiest of places and wait for the perfect moment to evolve into a colony to take over your bed, bedroom and home on the whole.

Yes, there are exterminators available to get rid of them. But if the exterminator isn’t trained properly and lacks experience, you can bet your life on it, you won’t rid yourself of them. That’s exactly what has happened to me over the past few months. I did everything in my power to prepare and eliminate them. But just keep coming back. With three weeks to my surgery left, I’ve had to make a very hard decision; to move or get rid of everything we own and start anew? Moving isn’t feasible right now; my surgery, upcoming trip to India and the lack of time have all that decided. But starting anew is also a very tough decision to make and act on.

How do you just throw out everything you’ve ever owned, bought with love and excitement? How do you just make your for-time-now, picture perfect home lose everything you’ve spent so much hard-earned dollars on? How do you wipe the slate blank and start fresh? And throw it all, how to be the support your family needs you to be without breaking-down and losing hope?

I’ve had to do all that these past couple of months. I’ve thrown out so much clothes, linen, brand-new furniture, carpets, and baby-stuff over this time and I’m still not done yet. Over the next couple of days, I have to throw out every single piece of furniture I have left in my home. I have to re-wash every piece of clothing, linen and rugs we own and pack them in plastic garbage backs and then plastic containers and move them into the balcony. All of this before the exterminator arrives on Wednesday morning.

So, yes, I’ve gone MIA from my blog for the past few weeks/month. But my intent wasn’t to abandon all you or my blog forever. Life has been a cluster-fuck since the beginning of this year. And although, I am tackling my issues one-by-one, it’s hard to stay positive and focused on other things besides the task at hand.

Once again, I apologize for not being here and letting all of you know what’s going on. It’s not an easy topic to discuss and has taken a lot of courage to finally put this update up here. But after Wednesday I should be in a better place and will be able to give more time to all of you and my blog. So please be patient and come back for the updates I love providing.


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