Ni’s 20 Month Birthday Letter

Ni's Weekly & Monthly Birthday Letters
Ni’s Weekly & Monthly Birthday Letters










Happy 20 Month Birthday, my darling angel. You are such a big girl now and have you ever changed in the past month. You’re sprouting 7 teeth, 4 up and 3 down. You’re talking so much more and making little sentences like, “hi daddy” and “mommy aaja” (mommy come here), you’re even singing fuller songs. It’s amazing seeing you grow into the big girl.

At the beginning of this month, you moved up to the toddler room at daycare; which means, no more bottles and soothes. Eventually, you’ll begin potty-training as well. But for now, you are learning to become more independent. Eating on your own, drinking from a big girl cup. Taking off your jacket and shoes (when needed). Going  down the slide on your own and climbing up the stairs more often.

At home, you’re a little mischievous monkey, always, trying to climb up on the coffee table and dining table chairs. Trying to sneak mommy and daddy’s cellphones away, so you can have a secret conversation with nani (grandma) and your imaginary friends.

Speaking about nani, she just got back from India mid-month and I was certain you wouldn’t warm up to her right away. But you did and you’re madly in love with her. So much so that you constantly call out to her throughout the day, even when she’s not around. Nani is so proud to see how big and independent you’ve grown in her absence and she’s absolutely, madly in love with you too.

Anyway, pumpkin, not much else has happened this past month. So, just know that mommy and daddy love you ever so dearly. You are our pride, our joy, our everything and we will forever be here for you, no matter what.

Happy 20 Month Birthday again!

xoxo – Mommy

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