I’m Still Here But I Haven’t Been Here Actively

I’m sorry for going MIA for the past 3 weeks. I’m having gallbladder removal surgery tomorrow, plus the bed bug drama and craziness at work has kept me away and quite busy. But tomorrow is the day. I’m finally having my Laparoscopic gallbladder removed and hope to be pain-free soon after! Plus, I will be off work for the next 2 weeks to recover. Hopefully, that will give me a little time to focus on all of you, since I’ll be bedridden for the first couple of days or week.

As for my bed bug drama, we had another treatment done a week or so ago and another one planned for next week. We’re living out of boxes at the moment and have thrown out so much stuff, its devastating how empty my apartment looks. However, I’ve come to terms with this ordeal emotionally and have gotten over that fact. It was heartbreaking at first. But such is life; where one thing ends another begins.

So here I am today with all my problems and woes. But tomorrow is the day and I will be pain-free and at a little more ease. I’ll keep you posted on how the surgery goes (once I’m out of the being drugged phase).

Stay tuned and check back for updates.

xoxo ~ Tamana


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