Ni’s 21 Month Birthday Letter

Ni's Weekly & Monthly Birthday Letters

Happy Birthday Ni, my little darling!

I’m sorry mommy took so long to write your 21st Month Birthday letter. As you know, mommy had surgery on July 17th and had her gallbladder removed. While recovering, you somehow contracted an eye infection in both eyes, an ear infection and some sort of viral infection. You stayed at grandma’s house for a couple of days, so that you wouldn’t get mommy sick. But mommy got sick with an ear and viral infection. All is better now and we’re both coughing but feeling much better for the most part.

As for this month, well let’s see, we haven’t really done much this past month. You did go to Wild Water Kingdom for the first time. That was really fun. You loved being in the wave pool. Oh my, how much you loved the water. It was thrilling to see you jump and bounce and fall and splash around all over the place. Mommy and daddy are hoping to take you back there one more time before the summer is over and hopefully, record some videos of you splashing around. We weren’t able to take any videos this time as we were worried we’d ruin our phones in the water. However, mommy has found a waterproof phone case. I just need to purchase it and then we can take lots of water videos and pictures of you.

Besides that angel, all else was quite this month. Anyway, sweetheart, Happy 21 Month Birthday. Know that mommy and daddy love you dearly and will always be with you.


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