Upcoming: Fall/Winter Content

Working for a media company has taught me many things. One of those things is that planning out your content is a strategic way of ensuring your readers find what they are looking for. As a writer, I have always just written what I’ve felt like writing at the moment I opened my WP app or notebook. But looking at my visitor statistics, I feel like my blog is suffering for the following reasons:

  1. I don’t write enough. This past year has been tough on me, being back from maternity leave and trying to find a home/work balance. It’s caused me to run from the one thing I love doing the most: writing.
  2. I write whatever I want. Although in the past years, this has been a successful way of attracting visitors to my blog, right now, it’s not enough to attract new and maintain old visitors.
  3. I’m not writing about things that matter. Of course everyone loves to be able to go somewhere and bitch and vent about how terrible life is. For me, I’ve used my blog as my forever go-to place. I mean really, how much of my venting and complaining are you guys supposed to put up with?

After thinking long and hard, I have decided that I need to build out a content plan every season for my blog. That way, my readers will know what’s coming up and what I’m working on and I’ll ensure that I am regularly posting. I will continue to write my one-off vents and emotional posts. But I have so much knowledge and ideas I want to write about; which I haven’t focused on in a long time. So, I’ll be sharing those with all of you.

Let’s start with Fall and Winter being around the corner. Here’s what I’m lining up for all of you:

  • Weekly recipes
  • Decorating for Fall, Halloween, Diwali, Winter and Christmas
  • Ni’s Monthly Birthday Letters (sorry,  I can’t give these up. I’ve promised these to myself and her)
  • Mom-In-Training: Cold/Flu Guide
  • Beauty/Fashion: Winter-proofing yourself

Come September, we’ll dive into my Fall/Winter Guide.

Stay tuned.


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