Procrastination At Its Best

Selfie of my Procrastination
Selfie of my Procrastination

Have you ever been given a task you need to get done but just can’t seem to wrap your head around what or how you want to complete it?

I’m sitting here with a PowerPoint presentation open for the last 5 hours, writing one sentence at a time, deleting it and looking at the stats to back up what I’m trying to say. This is procrastination at its best. I know I need to complete this presentation before Friday and get it to my boss. But I just can’t seem to wrap my head around what I want to say in it. Should we keep the product? Should be get rid of it all together? Or maybe we replace it with a cost-effective product….

I just don’t know how to put my story on the page and get my point across (for once). Gathering the numbers wasn’t hard. Investigating the facts was an ease. Getting all the facts together was a cinch. But now, putting it all together, aligning it up to make a point and prove that we are paying too much for a service that isn’t exhausted, is quite difficult.

This is probably one of those times I resent dropping out of college and not completing those business courses I had enrolled in. This is one of those times I resent not taking one-off courses to expand on my writing skills. This is one of those times I resent not having enough business smarts for. Although, I can ask colleagues to proof-read my work and give advice, it’s not enough to get this presentation done.

I’ve gone through the deck over and over. I’ve examined the numbers but every time I open the presentation to begin writing, I remember I should probably complete this other task first or respond to this email. Why am I procrastinating? I am good at what I do. I am capable enough. I understand most things I work on and support. So why the procrastination? Is it the procrastination or the need to impress my boss that has me twirling my thumbs?

Any pointers  you can give me to get me through this period of procrastination? I could really use some advice.


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