Happy September

I cannot believe that September is already here! Where has the year gone? When did summer come and go? September marks the beginning of a new season (unofficially of course). But when September hits, everyone knows Fall is just around the corner. So, I associate September with summer being over and Fall being here. September also marks my work anniversary, six years on September 11th. Sadly, that date also marks another year since the terrible attacks on America occurred.

But September also marks the beginning of a new Ziddi Tamana. Over the past few months, I’ve changed the layout of this site and design of the theme. I’ve also moved around, removed and added some pages and categories. As promised, I’ll be writing much more often and adding new types of content regularly. Here’s a glimpse of the new content you can regularly expect:

  • Recipe of the Week: Every Wednesday, you can expect a great new recipe to taste. My recipes are mostly Indian, however, I also love cooking and trying new things; so, I’ll be adding some traditional Western recipes into the mix as well. Oh and for major holidays, you’ll get daily recipes to get your through the holidays.
  • Holiday Decorating: As holidays come up, you can expect my Top 10 Decorating Tips (on a Budget), at least 2 weeks before. For seasonal decorating, I’ll add those tips and tricks every 3 months (March, June, September, December).
  • Ni’s Monthly Birthday Letters: I will continue to write these as I always have. This is an initiative for my daughter, Ni. When she was born, I promised myself that I would make sure she remembered her childhood when she grew up, unlike me, who has forgotten most of it. I want her to know everything we did, everything we learned, all the fun and all the love she had in her life. I want her to remember it all. I strongly believe, as parent’s we pave our child’s future. Having a loving and happy childhood, will greatly help our child become the best they can be. So, this is for my Ni.
  • Mom-In-Training: Weekly on Friday’s you can expect a note from me with tips and tricks, plus home remedies for little ones.

Those are just a little high-light of what I have planned for the next few months. I’ll also be adding weekly beauty finds and trends, plus DIY home projects. Stay tuned and enjoy September with me as I start anew!


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