Mom-In-Training: Planning The 2nd Birthday Party

Can you believe it? Ni will be celebrating her 2 year birthday in just over a month! Sometimes I can’t even believe I have a baby, let alone her already being 2 years old. Where has the time gone? It amazes me how quickly time flies and how quickly she is growing older. Every day she learns something new and every day she amazes me with her wisdom and smarts. And to celebrate her little self, I am preparing and planning her upcoming second year of life.

Last year, we did a peacock  theme. The house looked amazing and my 6 hours of non-stop decorating was a major hit. There were tons of desserts and so much food, I would’ve fed half my apartment building.

Ni's 1st Birthday Party
Ni’s 1st Birthday Party

The cake was a 2-tier, chocolate and butter-cream cake with a gigantic peacock on the top.

Ni's 1st Birthday Cake
Ni’s 1st Birthday Cake

She wore a gorgeous blue and green tutu with a royal blue romper underneath and a stunning head-piece.

Ni's 1st Birthday
Ni’s 1st Birthday

Everyone, including my little Ni really enjoyed the party or so I was told they did.

This year, I’m planning a different theme. I don’t want to get her into Disney or “princess” themes just yet because those can be extremely expensive in the long-run. However, I would like to do a whimsical, fairy or angel theme. Dev says, she’s too young for stuff like that. I know she probably is, but she’s a Halloween child and every year its going to get harder and harder coming up themes on our own. Plus, trying to impress the little darling now is easy; everything is “oh wow! Nice! Pretty!” When she’s older its going to be much harder.

I figure, we do a soft-pink and gold theme this year. Lots of balloons all over the place with fairy-dust aka glitter and beautiful candles. All the bling you can think of but with a pinch of class.

I’ll start sharing more of my ideas with all of you as I come up with them. This year, we’re doing lots of crafty decorations and birthday favors aren’t going to be your normal cookies either! No way. This year, I’m doing candy. Home-made fairy candy (I just need to figure out how I’m going to make that). Stay tuned for my crafty-fairy ideas!


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