Still Sick With No Recovery In Sight

If the four weeks of excruciating tooth pain post dental surgery wasn’t enough, I’ve come down with some sort of infection or virus. My doctor doesn’t have a clue what’s wrong with me and actually seemed a little concerned today; which is concerning for me to see. Normally, he had a quick solution and reason for illnesses but after a thorough examination today of me and my symptoms, he seemed stumped. So, he sent me in for blood work; he thinks maybe some of my blood counts are off and wants to get a good look at my report. I’ll be meeting with him on Thursday to discuss the results.

But 4 week plus of dental pain and 3 weeks now of chills, fever, muscle pain, diarrhea and vomiting; I don’t seem to be getting better and don’t see a light at the end of this tunnel either. I’m exhausted of being sick and in pain. I hate all the pain meds and cold/flu meds I’m putting into my body. I can’t taste anything and can’t stomach most things I do eat. I’m tired and feeling totally depressed.

I won’t even begin to talk about being off work all these weeks and whether I’ll even have a job to go back to or not for when I do get better. Initially, my boss replied to my emails telling him I needed to be off for a few days. He seems genuinely concerned and understanding. But that was 3 weeks ago and I haven’t heard from him at all since then. I’m quite nervous to how he’s going to react when I am better and back at work. But I’m hopeful that he will understand that all of this wasn’t intentional and has really kicked my butt.

Please pray that I get better soon and can finally be my self again. I’ve been so miserable lately that I think D is getting sick of me being home and sick all the time too. Thank goodness for him, though. He’s such a good man and has really taken care of me and Ni. I am blessed. I just need to get better now.


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