Update on Health

After endless appointments with my physician and an infectious disease specialist; neither has yet diagnosed me with any specific medical condition. One says I may be suffering due to a prolonged viral infection and the other mentioned something about a fever of unknown origin. I’ve given so much blood over the past few weeks that had I donated my blood instead, I would’ve probably helped a couple of people in need. Clearly, my blood wouldn’t be accepted at this point because I’m battling a mysterious infection but you get why I say that.

Anyway, to make matters worst, my employer is having me assessed by the insurance company that pays our benefits and short-term disability. I understand why, it’s just frustrating when I’m already sick and have all this shit going on and now I’ve got to take on more to prove to my employer that I am not just messing around. You’d think after six years of service, they’d trust me as much. But I do understand they have policies and procedures they have to follow. It just sucks that I have to do this extra stuff when I’m already this stress of not feeling good and not knowing what’s wrong with me.

Anyway, if I’m not better by Monday, I’m going back into see the specialist to get this forms filled. My physician is away on vacation for the next ten days so I’m hoping my specialist filling out the forms will suffice.

I’ll keep all of you posted on what’s going on and how I’m doing.

3 thoughts on “Update on Health”

  1. hi ziddi…..I feel your pain and confusion, I have been dealing with exactly the same undiagnosed situation ! I haven’t been on this site for a long time so I am not sure if you know my story….I had a really chest pain …constocondritis I think that’s how you spell it in 2011 ? then in 2012 after a year of breathlessness and fatigue, leg and foot drag, muscle spasms, fasciculations, electric shock feelings, numbness and tingling . just this past months I found out from blood tests…I have high parathyroid, high crp inflammation markers, low vitamin d, low b12, my left leg keeps buckling, recently I have had severe itching with fever flashes and I am going for a CT scan for possible lymphoma, I have had sarcoidosis in the past so may be this I what this will end up being…I am waiting and waiting for answers….I now your frustration, I have changed many many drs. and I hope I am on the right track. good luck to you too.


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