Sometimes We Give Too Much

Once in a while you meet someone that turns into a dear friend. You get extremely attached to them and spend lots of time with them. When there’s a family event or get together, you ensure your friend is invited. When you bake or cook something special, you make sure to put a piece aside for your friend.

Friends are what help us get through the rest of the crap that life throws at us. We laugh with them. We cry with them. They hold us up through the tough times and share many good times with us. They are there during new beginnings and hold us tight through the endings. They are our wisdom at times and other times our strength. We do silly stupid things with them and make asses out of ourselves in front of them and they never judge us because they are our friend and understand who we really are and are normally making asses out of themselves right beside us.

But sometimes, you get so attached to a friend that you go above and beyond for them. You treat them like a part of the family and include them in everything. But sometimes all your thoughts and feelings aren’t reciprocated. And sometimes you realize that you were far more committed and reliant on the friendship than your friend was. And sometimes you realize that maybe you were too attached to your friend and they never were.

Maybe this is my state of depression. Maybe none of this was true. Maybe this is all in my head. Maybe this how a certain friend made me feel a couple of days ago. Maybe.


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