Love Is Such A Funny, Stupid Thing

You meet someone for the first time and sometimes that first glance is all it takes to sweep you off your feet. You imagine yourself with that person and everything in the world seems beautiful. You spend time with that person and there is no time left for anything else. That person becomes your everything and you are lost in that everything. And if you get lucky, you marry that everything and hope to live happily ever after; like all the fairy tales engraved in your mind since childhood.

Then one day, reality hits you flat on the face and you stumble back through the days, weeks, months and years you were in your delusional fairytale. You realize that everything you thought that was perfect infact actually had so many tiny cracks in it that you failed to see how imperfect it all really was. At this point you are too attached and mentally stuck that there is no getting out of it. The fairytale failed long ago and turned into you settling for what you’ve gotten yourself into. There is no turning back. The only way you can go is forward.

You find yourself wrapped up in all the imperfections your life has turned into and you try to unravel yourself from the knot you’ve so strongly tied. But it’s pointless. The knot is tighter than you could ever undo. So, what do you do? Do you let yourself live like this forever? Do you settle for the decisions you have made and try to live by them? Or do you break free of it all and wound everyone and everything in your path? How do you fix what isn’t broken on your side?