Dollar Store Holiday Decorating Ideas

The dollar stores these days can help you decorate all of your home and that too, on a small budget. I’ll admit, I’m a dollar store junkie. I love the dollar store and have spent lots of money there. I wouldn’t necessary buy some groceries there or even electronic stuff other than a charger or headphones, but the dollar store is great for candles, picture frames, everyday dishware and home organization bins and tools.

But the one thing I absolutely love the dollar store for are the decorations they bring out. For a mere $30 you can buy a mini Christmas tree, decorations, wrapping paper, kitchen towels and other decorating accessories. And that’s exactly what I did this year. I budgeted my holiday decorating to $30 and think I did a pretty amazing job with some of the ideas I came up with.

Our mini Christmas tree cost me $3 for the tree, 2 sets of 50x lights for $3 a box and 3 sets of blue and silver ornaments at $1.25 a box. Total cost = $12.75


This beautiful center piece set me back $4.50 but doesn’t it look fantastic? The tray and glass candle holders I had. But the ornaments ($1.50 a box), pine cones (free from the pine tree behind my building) and reindeer ($3) are all from the dollar store. And if you must know, the tray was a small gift from my neighbor; which cost her $10  at Kitchen Stuff Plus. image3

I wish I had taken a better picture of this. This is a canvas board wrapped with shiny wrapping paper and a Christmas tree ornament hung with blue ribbon. This cost about $1 for the wrapping paper and $3 for the canvases.

I’ll post my Christmas dinner photos after, to show you some of the frugal items I picked up to set my table and centerpiece. Until then, stay tuned and have yourself a very Merry Christmas.

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