Day 1 of Juice Cleanse Complete

Today was a hard day but my day is almost complete and I didn’t cheat at all! Thankfully, the folks at Freshii came up with some delicious tasting juices, otherwise this would’ve been impossible to complete.

I also had a couple of almonds and an apple because I started my day way to early and was feeling quite hungry this evening. But I think the best way for me to enjoy and reap the benefits of this juice cleanse, is to time my juices properly.

Instead of 5:30am for my first juice, I’m going to be push it back an hour or so and have it at 7am. Then the next one at 10:30am then 2pm and final at 5pm and my salad at 7:30pm. I think that may keep me comfortable until the morning.

I’m ready for day 2 and feel even more pumped and excited than I did for today. Wish me luck!

3-Day Juice Cleanse

Juices Freshii recently launched a new juice cleanse program; 1-day, 3-days and 5-days. I’ve taken on the 3-day challenge in hopes of kick-starting a healthier eating routine and eventually losing weight. I don’t have a diet plan for after the juice cleanse, I just want to eat healthier and see how that works for me.

Simple enough. Except it takes a lot of determination to be on a liquid diet for 3-days straight with only a salad to compensate for all the liquid you’re drinking. But I’ve don’t the meal replacement shakes before and so, this shouldn’t be too hard to do.

I’ve already had my first juice and I feel pretty good so far this morning. I’m really hoping to keep myself on track with these juices.

“Detoxify and energize your body with the Freshii Juice Cleanse. Juicing is a natural way to press your body’s reset button and super-charge your nutrient intake.” – Freshii

The Juice Cleanse Project: Drink four juices and lots of water throughout and end your day with a salad. The juices are: Green Energy, Carrot Zinger, Mighty Detox and Red Power. The salad: Metaboost.

Green Energy includes: apple, cucumber, romaine, kale, carrot and spinach.
Carrot Zinger includes: carrot, ginger, cucumber and green apples.
Mighty Detox includes: cucumber, celery, apple, ginger and pineapple.
Red Power includes: beet, carrot, ginger and lemon.Metaboost Salad includes: field greens, spinach, kale, mangoes, carrots, edamame, almonds, goat cheese and balsamic vinaigrette.

Wish me luck on my juice cleanse and I’ll let you know how I do at the end of day 3.