Day 1 of Juice Cleanse Complete

Today was a hard day but my day is almost complete and I didn’t cheat at all! Thankfully, the folks at Freshii came up with some delicious tasting juices, otherwise this would’ve been impossible to complete.

I also had a couple of almonds and an apple because I started my day way to early and was feeling quite hungry this evening. But I think the best way for me to enjoy and reap the benefits of this juice cleanse, is to time my juices properly.

Instead of 5:30am for my first juice, I’m going to be push it back an hour or so and have it at 7am. Then the next one at 10:30am then 2pm and final at 5pm and my salad at 7:30pm. I think that may keep me comfortable until the morning.

I’m ready for day 2 and feel even more pumped and excited than I did for today. Wish me luck!

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