Sometimes Death Is The Only Answer

I don’t like dogs. I never did. One tried to bite me when I was 7 years old. I’m scared of how vicious they can be. I’m terribly allergic to them. But today a little dog, I’ve known for the past 14 years has brought me to tears and my heart has shattered.

His name is Hogan. He was given to my brother from a former girlfriend as a birthday present. My brother barely took care of him. But he became one of the kids for my mother. He was and has been her friend, her companion; the only one that has always been there no matter what happened in her life.

Although, I didn’t like him for being a dog, he was a part of our family and he held a place in my heart that is now inevitably empty.

Today we put down our beloved Hogan. It was the only choice we had left. There is no cure for old age and he has become a victim of it. In human years, he is now 78 years old. That’s a long time to live and he’s had a loving family to share those years with.

But now we must say goodbye.

Dearest Hogan,

I know I never told you, but I love you and will miss you. You’ll never be forgotten and will live in our hearts as the little child you were, following us around the house and jumping and barking for treats off the dinner table as you always did. I don’t know how mom will survive without you. She was truly your best friend and will miss you the most. Please watch over her and guide her to get through not having you around any more.

Ni, D and I love you dearly and we’ll forever keep you in our hearts. Rest in Peace little angel.