Ni’s 27th Month Birthday Letter

Happy 27th Month Birthday sweetheart!


This month was full of fun and laughter. Grandma spent a week with us to help mommy care for you after my surgery. You had lots of fun with her. Plus, you had your first, official play day in the snow. On our way from daycare, you wanted to play in the snow and since it wasn’t very cold out, mommy played with you. Luckily for us it was fresh fallen snow and was clean. You really enjoyed yourself as did I.

Later in the month we celebrated Ramesh uncle’s birthday. We spent the evening next door at his house and you ate lots of cake that mommy made for him.

It was a month filled with family and friends. And you know what? You are always the center of attention whenever our family and friends are over. Everyone love you so much and you’re such a good little girl. You barely ever whine or complain and most of the time you are very polite and respectful. I am truly blessed to have such a good girl. Everyone always praises how well behaved you are and that makes me proud. I hope you stay this way; polite and respectful as you get older.

Mommy and daddy are amazed by quickly you are growing and all the things your learning. We’re excited to see you become a beautiful, smart and kind little girl. We love you ever so much, Ni and don’t you ever forget that.

Happy 27th Month Birthday again my baby girl. Hugs and kisses always!