February: Crazy, Busy, Fun!

February is normally a busy month as everyone is back from vacation, the workplace is busy and people are preparing for March. But for me, February has been busy with Valentine’s Day and D’s birthday preparations. As soon as February is over, preparations for our second wedding’s anniversary arrive. It’s silly, but D and I celebrate two different wedding anniversaries; one in March (the big-fat Indian wedding) and the second in August (the legal wedding).

So I’m always busy planning something big and extravagant for all three events. Normally, a drinking fest followed with dinner is on the schedule for D’s birthday. But this year, I want to do something different. I’ve already planned dinner at Tabule, a fantastic Middle Eastern restaurant in Toronto. The next day, I’ve booked him in for a one-hour massage; which I know he’s been eagerly wanting. Followed by an afternoon of relaxing, eating chocolate covered strawberries, sleeping and lazing around the house. We’ll end our night with a movie and dinner.

I just don’t know what to do for Valentine’s Day and then our anniversary. I was thinking about having a gift sent to his work for V-Day but what gift I am still quite uncertain. But I’ve got to get prepare soon; there’s only 11 days left before V-Day and 24 days before his birthday.  If you have any ideas, do share them with me!


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