Celebrating Valentine’s Days After Becoming A Mother

New ImageAfter becoming a parent, you barely have time for anything else but your child. All your focus, all your attention, all your energy is towards your child and their needs. Feeding, bathing, playing, caring and loving them become the most important thing in the world. Sometimes, your relationship with your partner suffers because you’ve given your all to your child and have barely anything left to give to your spouse.

After becoming a parent, you appreciate days like Valentine’s Day more than ever as it is another day to celebrate your love and relationship. Plus, with all the world celebrating this special day, it becomes easier to buy cards and gifts to fit the occasion; not to say the expressing your love needs a special occasion. But it’s just another day to help show your honey how much they mean to you.

For my honey, I am planning a candlelit dinner with a movie and a small gift, plus a series of gifts for 7 days leading up to Valentine’s Day. I’ve arranged with his colleague, to put one gift in his workspace every morning beginning this Saturday. I’m even having Ni hand-paint a card for him. I’m also putting together 14 envelopes with coupons in them; coupons for a massage, an extra hour of sleep, night-out with the guys, drink-fest and a lazy day.

After a really long time, I’m also going to write him a heartfelt letter to tell him exactly how I feel about him. I haven’t written him a letter since Ni was born and I know he doesn’t enjoy reading long letters. But it’s been a while and there are lots of things I want to tell him and say to him; things I’ve been imagining and dreaming about and hoping for.

Lastly, I’m going to make him an amazing breakfast, lunch and dinner and just let him watch cricket or a movie and relax. I’m really hoping he realizes how much I love him and how much he means to me after these coming days and appreciates the gesture.

What are you Valentine’s Day plans? Are you anti-VDay or pro-VDay? Share your thoughts with me!


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