Tomorrow Is Valentine’s Day

I don’t know why but I am super excited that tomorrow is Valentine’s Day! I don’t have much expectations from D for the day but I am excited to give him his present. I’m also excited to make an amazing dinner and set the table with candles and flowers. I guess, my excitement has built up with the 7-day pre-Valentine’s Day gifts I’ve been giving D. I didn’t get him expensive presents, just little boxes of chocolates, cinnamon hearts and yesterday I made one of his favorite dishes; kandha poha. I’ll have the recipe up on my blog tomorrow for all of you to try. It was my second time making it, but he said it turned out delicious and was grateful for me making it.

For today, I have a book of coupons and 7 envelopes (one for each day that has passed since I began his 7-day Valentine’s Day) with little notes inside for him to open when he needs them the most. I can’t wait to give those to him. I got the idea off a blog post pinned to Pinterest, originally posted by Lauren from Life. Love. Lauren. I think it’s an absolutely fantastic idea. The writer, Nicole from Frugal Maine, included the topics of each envelope. I’ve tweaked them for mine and D’s relationship but some are quite like hers. I really hope D likes this. He’s not from a background of much compassion and sometimes he doesn’t get why I do things; especially the last 7-days he’s really questioned why I’m giving him a gift every day. But he does enjoy the gifts and little gestures. So, I’m really hoping he enjoys this one because I’ve put my heart and soul into these little notes.


You wake up in the morning

Before you fall asleep

You need a reminder of what makes you a great dad

You’re feeling hopeless and lost

You’re feeling insecure

You need a reminder why we’re worth the struggle

You need a reminder why I love you

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