Elijah Marsh Trust: What Happens To Funds Raised Publicly?

Disclosure: this question or post is not meant to be offensive or rude. I’ve been pondering this all evening. And no I’m not being an arrogant b****. I’m seriously asking because I don’t know.

*It was a very tragic morning for the city of Toronto yesterday. A little 3 year old boy wandered out into -20 degrees Celsius temperature in the middle of the night by himself, with only boots, a diaper and t-shirt on. He was found 6 hours later, without vital signs laying in the snow 300 meters from his grandmothers home where he had been spending the night.

This hit close to home for many in the city. I too, nearly broke down in tears after hearing the news that the little angel passed away. My Ni is almost 2 and a half years old. She tries to open the front door and can even unlock it on her own. The news of Elijah Marsh scared me thinking about Ni trying to open our front door. As soon as I got home from work yesterday, I had a chain-lock installed on my front door, high out of her reach. D and I have even gone as far as putting a child-gate in the hallway near her bedroom so she can’t walk out into the living room in the middle of the night and access the front or balcony doors.

I cannot say I know what Elijah’s family is going through and I pray I never do. But I can say that I am so heartbroken and my prayers and love go out to his grandmother and parents and the rest of his family. I wish them strength through this extremely difficult time.*

So here’s my question: if the average cost for a funeral in Canada, specifically Toronto costs between $10K-$15k then what happens to the rest of the funds that people donated towards a recent death that shook the city?

If you haven’t figured, yes I am asking about the sweet little baby, Elijah Marsh. Someone out of the goodness of their heart started a public charity to raise funds for his funeral with a target of $20K to help the family. But the charity has raised over $120K (the last time I checked). The family has opened a trust at Scotia Bank in order to get access to the money that was raised.

So my question is, if the funeral and services associated only cost $15K or let’s say a maximum $25K, what happens to the rest of the money that was donated? Is it put towards funding for other families that go through such a tragic experience or does the family get to keep it and claim it as grievance?

Rest in Peace, little angel.

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13 thoughts on “Elijah Marsh Trust: What Happens To Funds Raised Publicly?”

  1. apparently when the entire community was greiving and contributing to the fund hoping the family would have one less thing to worry about, the family on the other hand was however more worried about not being able to access the funds and were at scotiabank busy opening a trust account.

    Oh ! The IRONY of it !


  2. Perhaps the money should be paid
    Directly to the funeral home and the balance left over should be given to a children’s hospital or fund in Elijah’s name when another family is in crisis ands needs to fund a funeral???


    1. Those are my sentiments exactly. The people of Toronto were extremely touched by this little sweetheart and opened their hearts and wallets to help this family. You can see proof of that by the amount that has now been raised ($157K last time I checked). It would make so much of a difference if the family did exactly what you recommended.


  3. I disagree. I think the funds should all go to the Marsh family.
    To lose a child is devastating no one should ever have to go through. You cannot replace a child. The tragic way this family lost their child is heartbreaking. Imagine going out every time it’s cold. Thinking this is what he felt. Forever etched in memory going through his pain.
    So you know what – what if there is extra money? Give it to the family. Let them do what they want to help themselves feel better in whatever way. A vacation, better home, car etc. this tragedy happened so many learned to protect themselves. You yourself tamana got a chain lock. So if one life is saved that is good and a learning Experience from Elijah’s passing.
    Peace out.


    1. Your point is great. But I disagree. Yes this family went through a terrible tragedy, there’s no doubt in that. But if you could raise awareness or help other families avoid situations as such, wouldn’t you? I’m not saying to give away everything, in sure it’s going to take the family some time to cope with the terms of this tragedy and wages may be lost because of it; but $164K (now) is quite a lot of money. Just my opinion, but I’d help and give back to the community that opened its heart so much to me. But then that’s me and I’m not going through what this family is going through.

      My main questions is that what is the actual, “legal” procedure for such situations? Or is there any legal rules about it at all?


  4. You raise a good debate tamana. And good points of discussion.
    I still stick by my feeling tho.
    I think the media has already done enough to bring attention to this topic.
    The people of Toronto are generous. And if something like this were to ever happen again they would open their wallets again. Each situation is unique.

    Btw on another note. I really enjoy reading your blog. You are a very good writer. But I am concerned about your depression. Keep smiling tamana.


    1. Thanks for the kind words. I try very hard to write and keep positive. Depression is a life battle that I haven’t lost yet and have no intention of losing. 🙂

      As for this discussion, this is why I love Toronto. People can say we’re stuck up and there’s violence and all, but this city stands strong for one of their own and we prove it time and time again. I’m proud to call Toronto home and “there’s no place like home.”

      As for the media and working for a major media company, indeed they elaborate a bit too much. But sometimes seeing it over and over again helps (other times, not so much).

      Thanks for sticking with zidditamana!


  5. Look forward to reading everyday Tammy. As I like to call you for short 😉
    I hope you do your entry regularly. Your readers like to see what your up to good/bad you know how you do keeping it real.
    Make sure d appreciates all you do for your family.


    1. That’s darling! I try my best to get a couple of posts out weekly. I’m glad I have a small community reading what I write. I don’t have a huge following but the people that do come here regularly have been loyal to this blog and that matters the most.

      As for D, he’s learning. Marriage is an ongoing lesson and we’re paving our path as we move along. He stands by me and is helping where he can.


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