D’s Birthday Weekend

D's CakeD’s birthday weekend wasn’t like anything I had planned. No group of friends coming over for dinner and drinks. No dinner and a movie. No massage. Nope, none of that.

Instead, D, me and his friend had few drinks (me a few too many) and then dinner and ended up watching the India vs. South Africa cricket match and a movie at home. India won, so that was the icing on the cake!

DrinksWe didn’t sleep until nearly 5am due to the match and then ended up waking up past noon the next day. He missed his massage; which I had assumed he would once I found out that there was a cricket match that night. Saturday was spent lounging around the house. I wasn’t hung-over, but was drunk almost half the day from the night before. After a really long time, I let myself get really tipsy. I was still in my senses, I just had an amazing buzz and really enjoyed relaxing and letting go. I think I needed it because I feel relaxed today and a little less anxious.

After his friend left on Saturday, D and I had dinner and ended up going to the casino for a couple of hours. We lost miserably. We were completely depressed the ride home. But when I got home, I don’t know what dawned on me, I logged on to the online casino and played $30. He was upset that I would go and spend more money after the miserable time we just had at the casino. Something just told me to play and so I did and my instincts were dead-on; I won back almost all we had lost! I quickly withdrew my winnings and logged off. I told him what happened and he was ecstatic that luck would’ve been so funny with us tonight.

Sunday was much easier to tolerate after the winning balancing out with the losses we’d suffered earlier. We went to pick up Ni from my parent’s place and spent most of the day with them. Came home late evening and I once again fell asleep on the couch as Ni and her “Babu” played and entertained each other.

Overall, D mentioned he enjoyed his weekend. He said his birthday was great; he got to have a couple of drinks with me and his close friend, watch cricket and got one of his favorite home-cooked meals. Plus, he had a two-day weekend; which he especially loved being off work and not worrying about getting up early and having a list of tasks to do.

Birthday!I guess, even though it didn’t go as I had predicted and planned, it was a success. Plus, D and I got some much-needed couple of time.