Questions Remain Unanswered From Elijah Marsh Crowdfunding Campaign

A few days ago, I asked the question of “What happens to the funds raised for the Elijah Marsh trust?” and it appears I wasn’t the only one asking these questions. A simple Google search resulted in numerous sites, blogs and newspapers asking the same question.

I’m not insensitive to the tragedy that has taken place. I hope to never experience what the family is going through. But the question does remain; now that the little angel has been laid to rest, what happens to the remainder of the money that was raised.

For a minute, I will be insensitive and say, the family was exceptionally quick to set up the Trust fund at Scotia Bank in order to access the money that was being raised, so why aren’t they quick to indicate what they plan to do with the remainder of the it?

I just think, they would realize that people would want to know what’s going to come of all the money. And what about the media? I know they’re keen on being sensitive to tragedy, but why didn’t someone ask this question when questions were being addressed?

As for my opinion on where the money should be spent, I’d say use some to cover for loss of wages (if any) and then open up a Elijah Marsh trust at Sick Kid’s Hospital to support and assist other families that may go through a loss of a child or unexpected expense for their child. That in my opinion would be the noble thing to do.

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