India’s Daughter – The Story Of Jyoti Singh

indias daughterBBC Storyville has finally released the story of Jyoti Singh, the rape victim from the infamous Indian bus rape case in 2012. The documentary has been banned in India. However, the documentary has been made available on YouTube.

The documentary highlights Jyoti’s life and the event that ended her life and aftermath of her death. It reflects on the mentality of men in India and how the convicted shows no remorse towards the events. His lawyers display similar extreme views towards women.

Directed by Leslee Udwin with the agreement and cooperation of Jyoti’s parents, Asha and Badri Singh.

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Ni’s 28th Month Birthday Letter

Ni's Weekly & Monthly Birthday Letters
Ni’s Weekly & Monthly Birthday Letters

Happy Belated 28th Month Birthday, my darling Ni!

With daddy’s birthday right at the end of the month, it completely slipped my mind to write your birthday letter. Daddy’s birthday was quite fun. You spent the weekend with grandma and grandpa but I heard you enjoyed yourself. As for mommy and daddy, we spent the weekend at home and had a little party.

As for the rest of the month, it was as usual. Nothing exceptionally special happened, except that you’ve now grown so much that you can unlock the front door. Thankfully the door is too heavy for you so you can’t just yet open it. But after a recent death of a 3-year old toddler, I’m concerned that you try to open the door. So, I’ve put a chain-lock on the front door; which thankfully, is far out of your reach.

Besides that nothing else has really happened. You’re growing into a beautiful little girl. Most of your teeth have come in now and I just love seeing your little smile and tiny teeth. You squint your eyes, wrinkle your nose and then smile with your teeth. I love it. It’s adorable and so are you.

Mommy and daddy love you dearly; don’t you ever forget that. We’ll always be standing beside you no matter where you go in life. We love seeing you grow and learn all sorts of new things. Just try to keep some of the tantrums at bay, it gets a little tiring for mommy when you’re throwing a hissy-fit. Besides that, you’re a pretty good girl and we are so blessed to have you.
Happy Birthday, sweetheart. xoxo

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