Happy Women’s Day

As women around the world wake up today, they begin cooking, cleaning, washing clothes, taking care of their children and families and our lives, let’s raise a glass to them and thank them for everything they are and everything they do for us. 

Let’s give them the respect they; the mothers, the grandmothers, the aunts, the daughters, wives and sisters so eagerly deserve and crave. Let’s tell them today that they are loved, they are respected, worshipped and cherished. Let’s show them that without them we would not be who we are and will become. Let’s do something for them today that women everywhere have fought decades for; let’s give them their freedom, their power, their humanity. 

Every 20 minutes a woman is raped, beaten, abused in our world. We need to take a stand today, tomorrow and forever against violence and abuse against women. Women are NOT objects. They are NOT anyone’s properties. They ARE human beings. They are just like you and me. Today we need to tell the world that we will not let abuse happen against women. Today we need to make sure that when a woman leaves her house tomorrow, at any time of the day, she isn’t afraid in doing so. Today we need to stand together for the better good of humanity and make sure that we act on this everyday and not let abuse just happen. 

As I raise my glass this morning, I bid all those mothers, daughters, sisters and wives respect and love. We are because you are and without you we would be nothing. Thank you mom for all you’ve sacrificed and done for me all these years. Thank you to all those women that fight every day for my freedom and right to be who I am and live the way I want. 

Happy Women’s Day!