What An Amazing Weekend

I rarely count my blessings, but today I surely am. I hadn’t slept properly all week and was feeling the lack of sleep’s toll on my mind and body. I asked my parents to pick up Ni for the weekend so I could relax and get some rest; which my mother was ever so kind in doing. D was at work on Saturday and so I had the complete day to myself and Sunday we woke up late and spent the rest of the day with my parents.

It was a much-needed break on my part. But I did miss my Ni throughout the weekend, especially at times when I’d be sitting and doing nothing; the house was so quiet. But she enjoyed her time with her grandparents and I too enjoyed my time alone. I went shopping on Friday evening and then again on Saturday. Walked the mall peacefully without worrying about Ni getting agitated or hungry and tired. I even sat in the food court with a friend and at lunch (very rare event for me).

Saturday evening I spent over at my neighbor V’s house. She tried one so many dresses and outfits in preparation for her upcoming vacation. We sorted through her jewelry and she was ever so kind in giving me a pair of gold earrings with my birthstones on it. Later Saturday night, D and I went out for dinner and a long drive. It was really nice spending some alone time with him.

Sunday was well spent too. After lunch with our parents, my mother and I went shopping. She bought me a Pandora bracelet with charms. She knew I had wanted one for the longest time and so she took me to Pandora and let me pick and choose whatever I wanted. We even picked one up for my sister. My mom’s the best. I don’t say enough but she truly is the best and I’d be lost without her.

All in all, it was an amazing weekend. How was your weekend?