Have you ever been online, playing a game for instance and received a random hello from your opponent? Or randomly met the same person online over and over that you begin chatting with them every day? Your chats go off the gaming medium to a chat server. You exchange photos of each other, email addresses, even phone numbers.  

Eventually, you decided that you want to speak to them on the phone. The phone conversation turns from a 10-15 minute call to a 6-7 hours one. This person, you’ve never met becomes your closest and dearest friend. You spend endless hours chatting, skyping and talking on the phone with them.

But you’ve never met them.

There are no chances of you meeting them. You are living on two different parts of the world. The physical difference is too great. Nothing you do or they do can bring the two of you physically closer.

Life goes on. You lose contact with your friend. They move forward in their life, as do you.

But somewhere in your heart, in your mind, in your day-to-day routine, they are there. They are everywhere you are. But they are never near, nor ever far. Years pass by and you suddenly think, maybe it’s time I need to reach out again. I need this person to know I still exist, that I am still where I was 10 years ago. You expect them to have forgotten you.

But they haven’t.

They remember every conversation, every experience, every detail, as do you. It dawns on you that they are where you left them 10 years ago; the same place you are. Nothing has changed. But everything has. You are still you, the you, you were 10 years ago. They are still them, the way they were 10 years ago.

No, nothing has changed.

Your simple request to speak to them takes you back 10 years and it’s like nothing has changed. But you both know that things cannot be as they were before. So after the many hours of conversation, you bid your farewell and promise to not call them often. But do emphasis that you’ll reach out to them every few years and wish them a happy life, as they wish you one too.

Life goes back to what it was before that morning. You feel content with yourself and your life. You know their presence is missing from your life but you are happy knowing that after all these years they haven’t forgotten you and remain as your friend.

They are your soul-mate. No marriage. No child. No other friend can change that. This stranger, you know everything about is your soul-mate and that’s enough for you to go on with your life, for they are with you everyday, everywhere, all around.

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