My husband is not my soul-mate and that’s okay

20111023-192831A few weeks ago, I wrote about my soul-mate. My soul-mate is a person I have never met before. He lives on the other side of the world and there probably isn’t a chance I’ll ever get to meet him. After writing this post, I got a few concerning reactions from friends who read my blog. They questioned my intentions for this man and the integrity of my relationship with my husband. To clarify my “soul-mate” blog post: 1. I have a soul mate. 2. My husband is not my soul-mate. 3. I love my husband and am in a happy, loving relationship with him.

My husband: He is my best-friend. He is my love and the one I have chosen to spend the rest of my life with. He is who I want to grow old with and walk hand-in-hand with. He is who I turn to when all the happiness in the world is filled in my heart, when I have a fear or concern. He is who I look to inspire me, spoil me and tell me how fantastic I look. He is the person I spent my lazy Sundays and hectic Mondays with. He is my husband, my life-mate but no, he is not my soul-mate.


My relationship with my husband is bound by the contractual agreement we both signed to love, cherish, respect and support each other. The signing also provides rights to recreate life and share this little human-being we call our Princess, Miss Ni. We accepted each other in sickness and in health. Our marriage brought us together, turned us into a family and gave us reasoning to move forward in our lives and grow together.

The relationship with my soul-mate (or there lack of) is completely different.. We have no contract. We barely even speak to each other. We will not love or cherish each other until the end of our days. We will not recreate life. We may probably never even meet. But he is the person I can think of to put a smile on my face when nothing in my life is going right. He is the reassurance I need who will never judge me. He hears my silence and understands the depth of my eyes. He knows how to make me feel like I look like a million bucks but doesn’t ever make me feel worthless.

I love my husband dearly. He is a gentle-kind person. He’s funny. He makes me happy. He is a devoted and caring father, making Ni one of the luckiest little girls out there.

Yes, I love my husband to the core of my being and will hold his hand through all our ups and downs. But no, he isn’t my soul-mate and that’s okay with me.

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