Sometimes I need help

Sometimes I need help and there’s no one to turn to. There are people I can talk my problems out with; whether they can help or not is a whole other issue. Sometimes I need monetary help. Sometimes it’s a shoulder I need. Sometimes it’s a push to move forward. Sometimes I need a friend who won’t judge me.

Marriage is one thing. But there are things I don’t want to discuss with my spouse, there are mistakes I make I don’t want to fess up to him. 

Once in a while, I wish I had an older brother or sister that could bail me out of my problems. Someone so close, I could confide my deepest, darkest with. But there is no one that close. 

I have friends, don’t get me wrong. But no one I’d confide deeply in. No one I would ask for help. 

Sometimes I wish someone would put there hand on my shoulder, tell me it’s okay that I messed up and they’ll help me fix the problem without any strings attached. 

But wishes seldom come true. 

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